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The Future Builds Approach.

We're very different from most builders out there. Partly, that's to do with our engineering background.
It's also down to our determination to offer the best service and quality in everything we do, based on honesty, transparency and mutual respect.
That's why we have developed the Future Build Approach. It is designed to help you (and us) at every stage of your building project.

  1. The consultation.

    1. Getting to know you and your project. The consultation.

    There are two key parts to every building project. There’s the building itself, and then there’s you. And because everyone is different, ideas of what makes the perfect extension or renovation can vary hugely. That’s why we like to spend a long time getting to understand you and what you want to achieve. Often that means we are able to make recommendations to enhance your plans. However, the main benefit is by the end of it, you know and we know exactly what we are going to build for you.

  2. The problem solving.

    2. Innovation runs through our veins. The problem solving.

    When there’s a design problem – an issue that others would walk away from (or talk you out of) – we apply our creativity and experience to come up with viable solutions. It might be a small thing like the type of windows you want, or it might be something more significant, such as where the staircase goes – but we do everything we can to make your vision a reality.

  3. The quote.

    3. No nasty surprises. The quote.

    Because we put a lot of effort in at the beginning, we are able to provide you with accurate and comprehensive costs. We know how stressful it is to have expensive surprises in the middle of a building project, so we draw up professional, thorough documentation that breaks down all of the costs into understandable chunks so that you feel in full control of the project from the outset.

  4. The planning.

    4. Military Precision. The planning.

    For many people and businesses, disruption and delays are the worst parts of building projects. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our work schedule fits your needs. So, after you have paid your deposit, we use an advanced project management system to programme your project with precision so that everything happens when it should.

  5. The build.

    5. Your home is our home. The build.

    During the build, we treat your property as we would expect ours to be treated; in other words, with respect. We do everything possible to minimise disturbance and mess, we liaise with your neighbours, and we finish the project on time. We also help you spread the cost during the build by invoicing you at agreed stages.

  6. The sign-off.

    6. It's a wrap. The sign-off.

    When your project is complete, we bend over backwards to make sure that you are happy with every single millimetre of our work. We’ll run through the quality of finishes, the fixtures and fittings, and all other aspects of the project until you are fully satisfied.